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Update Faux Frenchies & Frenchton Puppies have arrived

Daisy & Webster's Faux Frenchies Puppies born September 20th (All are now Reserved)

               Pickle's & Max's Frenchton Litter of 2 born on 10/23/20 (Will update soon!!)
               Willow's & Max's Frenchton Litter of 5 born on 10/29/20  (Will Update soon!!)            

                            Stay tuned Frenchton page for pictures. In the process of contacting families on the waiting list, then update list for those still  interested.

                                         AKC Frenchies
                         Update!! Pickles and Webster Litter Born                                                  November 5th Stay tuned for updates.

              Note: Thank you everyone on inquiries on our Frenchton puppies. Our
              Waiting list for the Frenchton & Faux frenchies is currently full.
               If you would like to be added to our French Bulldog waiting list, contact us thru                  email please leave phone     contact info in your email.
              Also if you would like to see pics & videos of our dogs and puppies, ask to join                    my group Eagle Creek Frenchies on Facebook

Go to Frenchton  Or French Bulldog page to see individual Photos